Holmes, Ophelia

Ophelia Holmes, MME has over 15 years of teaching experience. She has taught mathematics for 13 years. She was a GED instructor and worked with Adult and Community Education for several years. She graduated with honors from Tallahassee Community College and received an Associate in Arts degree. Ophelia attended Florida A&M University and received a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematical Sciences and a Master’s degree in Mathematics Education. While attending Florida A&M University, she received a United States National Achievement Award in mathematics and received an honor’s certificate in mathematics.

Ophelia joined OLT in 2015 as our GED Coordinator and Instructor.

GED - Reasoning Through Language Arts (RLA)
GED - Reasoning Through Language Arts (RLA) This course will teach you both writing and reading s..
GED - Mathematics
GED - Mathematics This section will help the student develop high school graduate level skills in..
GED - Science
GED - Science This course teaches the student to apply what he or she has learned in the content ..
GED - Social Studies
GED - Social Studies This course helps the student learn how to read and interpret concepts used ..
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