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The purpose of the PE006FL Life and Annuity and Florida Specifics Exam Drills course is to provide you with a greater assurance of passing the 2-14 Life Agent examination on your first effort. This course presents an abundance of questions in several different review methods to give you plenty of practice in the learning style best suited to you. You may choose what to study based on insurance license, specific topic, or question style.

Some exams pull random questions from the topics of Life Insurance and Florida Laws. Each time you take an exam in this method you will be given different questions (some may repeat since it is a random draw). Some questions are typical multiple choice questions with one correct answer for each question, other exams utilize a unique Redding Method where every wrong answer is a correct answer for some other question, even though not this question. If you choose a wrong answer, we will tell you to what question that was the correct answer. The concept with Redding Method questions is that you are always presented with correct question and answer choices when we "grade" your answer, reinforcing proper learning of concepts.

Exercises in the sections labeled "Matching" or "Fill-in-the-Blank" utilize drop-down menus for answers that work similar to a multiple-choice question. Finally, for extra practice, crossword puzzles are added on various topics of insurance.

This Exam Drills course is designed to supplement and be taken after the pre-licensing course. After passing the 2-14 or 2-15 pre-licensing course and completing this Exam Drills course you will be prepared to sit for the 2-14 Life Agent state examination.

Students have access to the course for 90 days.

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